Areas covered, how far will Adam travel?
Although the majority of my work is within the M-25 and the London area, I regularly perform in the surrounding counties too and will happily travel nationally and internationally. Although I drive, as a rule of thumb I say if the venue is accessible by London Underground there will be no travel expenses.

I will travel nationally and internationally travel expenses paid. I love to perform abroad so please
inquire for further details.
How many people can Adam entertain ?
I would say between 30-50 people per hour, depending on the crowd. I am basing this upon guests being sat around a table top, for that type of set-up I like to offer a 7-10 minute show. Alternatively if your guests are standing, in a reception type situation I can mix and mingle in the same timeframe.
Entertaining children
I'am not per se a kiddy's entertainer, but will happily perform Close-Up Magic for children of age four and upwards. I have a great selection of tricks for kids which can be the perfect thing to give the grown ups a break.

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What props does Adam use to perform Close-Up Magic?
I use cards, coins and borrowed objects. Finger rings, bank notes, pens, watches, rubber bands, napkins, bottles, glasses and cutlery. Basically common familiar objects, which can always be examined prior, during and after the show, definitely no rabbits and no doves.
Does Adam require props and a performance area?
Absolutely none, I am a one man band when it comes to performing Close-Up Magic. All the props I use are self contained in my pockets or borrowed from spectators. I don’t need a specific space just point me in the right direction and off I go.
How far in advance do I need to book?
Contact me as soon as you feel you’re interested, at seasonal times the sooner the better to avoid disappointment.
How much does Adam charge?
Times, dates and location affect my exact rate, If however you feel you won’t need me for a long duration contact me, I am a flexible guy and if I have no bookings for the date mentioned my rates maybe negotiable.
Need more than one Close-Up Magician or something else?
If you have more than a few hundred guests you may want to consider another Magician, I can recommend and provide you with quality Magic Circle Close-Up Magicians.
How to make a booking
Fill out the questionnaire or Contact me via email or telephone 07968-810-007. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. From there on a booking contract will be sent to you confirming all the necessary details. All you have to do is sit back and relax, I will contact you a few days before the event and then the fun will begin.
The Magic Circle
I'am a full time member of The Magic Circle in London and an asscociate member of The Inner Magic Circle with Silver Star for performance.
Is Adam Insured?
Yes, for your peace of mind I have public liability insurance up to 5 million pounds with Equity.

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Adam Keisner: London based, award winning, Close-Up Magician & Sleight Of Hand Artist for hire, specializing in Close-Up Magic with cards, coins and borrowed objects.

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The aside freqently asked questions should cover any typical queries you may have but please feel free to
contact me should you have a more specific question.

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